7 Things to Know About Hiring an Elevation Contractor

Hiring a Professional Elevation Contractor in New Jersey

Since Superstrom Sandy destroyed a large percentage of New Jersey’s residential areas, the importance of knowing what to look for in a contractor has become the highest priority.

Here are 7 ways you can be sure that the elevation contractors you hire are professional, experienced and licensed to make the recommended improvements to your home.

7 Things to Know About Hiring an Elevation Contractor

1. Review What’s Expected

A full list of New Jersey’s requirements for home elevation contractors are available to you. Before you hire someone to improve your home, have a good idea of what’s expected of them, so you have a good foundation to compare each company’s experience.

2. Check Their Registration

Before you sign a contract with your home elevation contractor, check their registration status with the Division of Consumer Affairs at 888-656-6225 or 800-242-5846. They will be able to give you info on whether the contractor is registered to perform home elevation services, and whether the company has had any complaints from other consumers.

3. Be Sure They’re Insured

Contact the contractor’s insurer to verify that they both have insurance for up to $500,000 per occurrence of general liability insurance and up to $1 million per occurrence of cargo or other insurance. Contractors should be insured to cover damages resulting from home elevation activities. If you can keep a copy, do so.

4. Be Sure Your Homeowner’s Insurance Complies

Contact your own insurance and see if there are any limits or conditions that may exist in your homeowner’s insurance policy in regard to your pending home elevation project.

5. Contact References

It’s extremely important to seek references from each of the contracting companies you could possibly use. Ask for names, email addresses or phone numbers to all of the company’s potential references. Also seek out reviews on social media and review websites, gaining insight into others’ experiences with your potential contractor.

6. Talk About the Company’s Experience

Get the details on how many years each company has been in the elevation business, and seek out specific information about their services, their personnel, their equipment and what’s required of you in the process. If you can, visit their location to see the company’s working operations locally. If you can’t, see if you can visit one of the company’s past or current home elevation projects.

7. Demand Detailed Contracts

Peace of mind is a major goal of home improvement. Before you hire your home elevation contractor, be sure that the project’s scope, specific time frame, total cost, and other information you deem important is expressed in a detailed contract. Under New Jersey law, contractors must provide a detailed, written contract for every home improvement project costing more than $500.

Consumers and contractors can find additional information about New Jersey’s requirements for home elevation contractors, here.