Giving Back

Disaster Protection and Recovery Education

From the start, Ducky Recovery has worked to bring support and education to storm-ravaged and high-risk areas. By hosting local hall meetings and seminars, we are working to get important information to the communities needing it the most.

Prior to a storm, Ducky uses education to mitigate potential catastrophe. We employ a full-time staff member to host local storm protection seminars in high-risk areas. Communities are welcome to attend and benefit from Ducky’s long experience in recovery. We want to give all home-owners the storm-preparation tools they need to protect themselves and their property in case a disaster strikes.

When communities are struggling to recover from a disaster, Ducky Recovery is there to help notify home-owners of available grant programs and provide education on the recovery process. We become a partner to those in need, putting our experience and expertise navigating the grant system to work helping those displaced get back in their homes as quickly as possible.

Supporting Communities

Ducky Recovery supports non-profits such as Compass 82, whose mission is to help people navigate the issues after a storm hits ( and Rockaway Rising who works to spotlight a major needs in the community of Far Rockaway, New York and rally people to meet it. We look to partner with those working to lift up communities affected by storms.

At our most recent event we worked to raise $10,000 to benefit Rockaway Rising. Our crawfish boil raised much needed funds and brought the East and West end of the Rocakaway peninsula together is a way that hadn’t been seen since Sandy.