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New Jersey Home Elevation Contractors

Fraud in the Recovery Process: Superstorm Sandy

Honest Home Elevation Contractors are Hard to Find “We are nowhere close to being rebuilt post Sandy.” This is the start of many conversations involving progress in New Jersey and the state’s recovery from Superstorm Sandy. This area, filled with …

Home Elevations New Jersey

Ducky Johnson Gets Technical with House Raising

House Jacking as Taught by Ducky Johnson Featured above, you will see how we handle large House Raising projects in New Jersey. From the prepwork to finishing touches, when it comes to raising homes, we’ve got the expertise to always …

Home Elevation Grants New Jersey

FEMA Recoupment and its Effects on New Jersey

Federal Grant Overpayments Affect Sandy Victims: There have been countless victims since Superstorm Sandy attacked the shores along the East Coast two years ago. It has been a long and grueling process for the residents of New Jersey, with moved …

New Jersey Home Elevation Contractors

New Jersey Home Elevations Done the Right Way

Home Elevation Contractor Requirements to Begin October 15, 2014 Since Superstorm Sandy swept its way across the North East coastline, many homes and establishments have continued to be in a state of disrepair. Many new contracting firms were created in …

New Jersey House Raising

The Sandy Bill of Rights and Its Importance

New Jersey’s New Normal and the Rights of the People As we all know, it takes time to recover from natural disasters as big as Superstorm Sandy. Sometimes those recovery efforts take years, and the lives that were once known …

New Jersey House Raising

RREM Grant Money is Now Available

RREM Grant Announcements and Grant News in New Jersey Good news is coming for those who have signed a contract with a professional designer or general contractor like Ducky Johnson. Because times are still rough for some New Jersey residents, …

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