Vermont House Raising and Hazard Mitigation

Tropical Storm Irene brought massive flooding and unexpected problems to the properties of Vermont. Luckily, Ducky Johnson specializes in Vermont House Raising and Hazard Mitigation. With over 100 years of experience, Ducky Johnson provides the best of the best. You can rest easy, Vermont, and know that we will take care of you.

By choosing a qualified, loyal company like Ducky Johnson, you know that we will stand by you until things are done well and done in the right way.

We have a long history of lifting concrete, masonry, steel, and wood structures, as well as those that are already elevated and need to go higher!

Raising your Vermont home is a good choice because…

  • Elevation helps protect your property from possible storm damage
  • Elevation preserves neighborhoods and the local community
  • Elevation prevents the addition of waste to our landfills
  • Elevation ensures a reasonable premium for your flood insurance
  • Elevation raises the value of your home

During the Vermont House Raising and Hazard Mitigation process, Ducky Johnson offers:

Pre-Elevation Site Visits

Ducky Johnson can send an Elevation Consultant to your house who will measure your house, take pictures, and check site conditions. The gathered information is then used to create an elevation proposal, which is then brought back to you for your review and approval.


All site visits and projects are designed, conducted, and structurally engineered by a state licensed structural engineering firm.

House Design

The in-house designers at Ducky Johnson will work with you to produce an elevated structure that both compliments your décor preferences and stays within the grant guidelines.

Turn Key

All of the grant paper work, engineering, elevation certificates, building permits, elevation processes, exterior structure finishes, landscaping, and final building inspections will be handled by Ducky Johnson.


We work hard to answer every question you may have about Severe Repetitive Loss (SRL), the Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP), and the general elevation process. We will make sure you understand everything that happens with your home during the elevation process.