Why Ducky?


Established in 1963, we have been in the business of lifting and moving houses for three generations. That’s right, we bring over 70 years of work experience to our clients in Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas, Alabama, Georgia, and New Jersey. We move over 300 structures a year, including buildings, homes, heavy machinery, and vessels. We don’t simply move houses, we are award-winning structural movers.

Ducky Moves

Ducky Awards

  • Heaviest Building Moved Not on Rubber Tires
  • Tallest Structure Moved
  • Longest Structure Moved

Ducky Customers Say:

  • As the Borough of Seaside Heights continues its recovery from Hurricane Sandy, I would like to take a moment to recognize the company Ducky Johnson House Movers, Inc. for financing the Home Elevation Outreach Program in recognizing the importance and benefit of home elevations along the Jersey Shore, Ducky Johnson was one of the first elevation companies to respond to the needs of many towns along the shore by holding these workshops. Rod Scott, a hazard mitigation specialist representing Ducky Johnson, provided a platform to help myself and my constituents of Seaside Heights understand the importance of home elevation as a mitigation effort to help to prevent future flooding from rising waters associated wtth any natural disaster.

    As part of the Home Elevation Outreach Program, Ducky Johnson’s town hall meeting in Seaside Heights was open to the general public in which history, current events, and the benefits of the mitigation efforts were introduced and associated with home elevations on a nationwide scale. The presentation provided real life examples and pictures of homes in multiple regions of the United States to give the attendees a rounded view of the elevation industry. At the end of the presentation, a Q & A session was opened to allow audience interaction. In respect to the audience size and town devastation in Seaside Heights, Mr. Scott allowed for a 2 hour session to be sure that everyone in attendance had an opportunity to pose questions and listen to answers provided. Regardless of the question or complexity, Mr. Scott was professional at the highest level that showed compassion as well as professionalism at every turn.

    I cannot begin to express how critical this presentation was in providing much needed information so that everyone was able to understand. Ducky Johnson and Mr. Scott exceeded my expectations on more than one occasion by displaying how much he understood each person’s plight and current situation. With this type of presentation and dissemination of information, the people of Seaside Heights stood to gain not only value, but an opportunity for learning and sharing. I would recommend Ducky Johnson to continue outreach elevation presentations so that everyone has an opportunity to understand and learn the benefits of mitigation and elevation.

    Should you need any further information, please do not hesitate contacting me.

    - Mayor Bill Akers
  • This will recommend to you Ducky Johnson Movers who recently moved two homes for me. One was a three story (over 4,000 sq ft) 5 bedrooms, 5 1/2 bath home. The other was a two story home. Both were moved satisfactorily and with great efficiency. We were very pleased with this company and the extreme care and caution they used to protect our homes. In every way from start to finish. You can count on them to do a good job.

    Feel free to call me if you have any other questions. (850-529-6295)

    - Bill White
  • I have worked with Ducky Johnson House Movers on many projects over the past nine years. The projects include moving structures and houses and elevating existing houses to elevation about the base flood elevation. The structures include wood, brick, concrete block, and concrete buildings varying in size from 1000 SF one story to 5000 SF three story structures.

    The projects have involved moving structures by dollies, trucks, and barges. The projects that I have been involved with have been in Florida, Alabama, and Mississippi.

    Most of any contact has been with Donald Wayne Barbie project manager.

    The work has always been professional, well managed, and executed. I would personally use Ducky Johnson House Movers and have no problems recommending their services.

    - Jerry Hutcherson

Ducky Services

  • House Leveling

    The building of a structure on expanding or contracting soil, improperly compacted fill soil, or poorly maintained soil can lead to foundation settling and shifting. Whatever the cause of a shifting foundation, this can diminish property value and even render the house or building unsafe or unlivable.

  • Disaster Response

    The window to stabilize damaged structures, after a disaster strikes, is very short. Communications must be made quickly at the risk of losing property to demolition. Ducky Johnson House Movers has the resources to respond to emergencies in the Gulf Coast area within 24 hours, and within 30 hours for any disaster on the East Coast.

  • House Raising

    Ducky Johnson has a long history of lifting concrete, masonry, steel, or wood structures as well as those already elevated and need to go higher!

  • Structural Moving

    As an award-winning structural moving and elevation firm, we currently elevate and relocate over 300 structures every year.

  • Better Business Bureau
  • International Association of Structural Movers
  • Texas Association of Structural Movers
  • Master Sponsor Defending Our New Jersey Builders Association
  • Preservation Resource Center of New Orleans