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Ducky Johnson Home Elevations is a 3rd generation family owned business now considered to be among the leading home elevation companies nationwide. We specialize in house raising and preservation, working to preserve all of the beautiful homes along the US Coastline. As an award-winning structural moving and elevation firm, we currently elevate over 500 structures each year. With extensive experience as a contractor for private developers as well as city, county, state, and federal agencies, we to boast a spotless safety record.

We Are Grant Specialists

Ducky Johnson has continuously demonstrated its mastery of the home elevation trade while performing work for both State and Federally funded mitigation programs, including the Hazard Mitigation Grant programs (HMGP) and the Severe Repetitive Loss (SRL) programs. Much of our success is owed to our well rounded and highly qualified team of elevation and grant specialists.

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City promises progress on Sandy recovery three years after storm

CITY HALL — At least one Staten Island family was satisfied with Build it Back’s progress on Hurricane Sandy’s third anniversary Thursday. Frank and MaryLou Barcia’s New Dorp Beach home was one of the fastest elevations through the city’s housing …

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7 Things to Know About Hiring an Elevation Contractor

Hiring a Professional Elevation Contractor in New Jersey Since Superstrom Sandy destroyed a large percentage of New Jersey’s residential areas, the importance of knowing what to look for in a contractor has become the highest priority. Here are 7 ways you can …

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