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As a customer of Ducky Recovery, you can rest assured that your project will be completed. We provide bonding for our work to give the customer an extra level of comfort their project will be completed. Below is some more information regarding bonding. Having a bond is an essential component to the construction process.

What is a Bond?

They provide a financial guarantee that the bills on a construction project will be paid. The issuing insurance company or bank guarantees the project’s completion by a specific contractor. Construction bonds protect the assets of the investor or project owner against shoddy work or non-completion of the project.

Is a Bond different from Insurance?

Yes. Having your project bonded will ensure its completion, while having insurance protects the contractor in the event of an unexpected occurrence on a project. Surety bonds are three-party contracts between the company purchasing the surety bond – known as the principal; the customer – known as the obligee; and the surety underwriter. Insurance policies are strictly two-party contracts involving only the business purchasing the insurance and the company offering the insurance. The difference in structure demonstrates surety bonds are primarily a consumer protection while insurance policies focus on business liability protection.


Ensuring that you have selected the right contractor starts with making sure that the contractor is qualified to perform the work you require. A contractor should have current and active copies of all of the necessary licenses for the work you are engaging them for.  You can also search for the on each state’s licensing board site.

Ducky Recovery’s active licenses:

Louisiana State License # 59852

Florida State License # RB29003705

New York State License # 2003972-DCA

New Jersey State Licenses # 13HE00000500 and # 13VH07528900

South Carolina State License #49960