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Ducky Recovery understands Historical Preservation. We have staff with experience in both the process of required historic review of all federally funded projects through the “Section 106 process” and the requirements relating to historic rehabilitation through the “Secretary of the Interior’s (SOI) – Standards for Rehabilitation.”

The Section 106 processes requires the State Historic Preservation Office – SHPO to review and comment on potential adverse impacts of proposed work to a historic home or building. The SOI standards are used to guide the design of the proposed work.

Ducky Recovery has the experience to work within these historical preservation processes. We strive to ensure the best treatments are applied to the rebuilding of flooded historic homes and buildings. We take great pride in the opportunity to protect and restore historic structures. Our attention to detail will ensure that any historic buildings we work on will retain their historic features and designation. Our staff has over 30 years of contracting experience with historic buildings. We have worked with State Historic Preservation Offices in 5 states as a consultant to multiple historic building projects. Our decades of experience include historic structure relocation, repair, and protection through flood hazard mitigation.

Historic buildings are often located in flood plains and are more vulnerable to flooding. These vulnerabilities often lead to rapid increases in flood insurance policy rates. These rate increases will eventually start to negatively impact real estate values. Flood hazard mitigated historic buildings are far less at risk from flooding, have much lower flood insurance policy rates, have stabilized or increased resale value, and are much more resilient to the increased frequency of catastrophic storms and rising seas. Now is the time to develop flood mitigation guidelines and projects for your community in order to create more resilient historic districts and protect our irreplaceable historic buildings.